Japanese researchers build invincible air hockey playing robot

air hockey robot

Do you think you can beat any robot at a game of air hockey on a Friday night? Well, just think again. Researchers at the Namiki Laboratory at Chiba University in Japan have developed an air hockey playing robot, which can use human opponent’s moves against them to win. The robot is connected to a computer and high speed cameras (competent enough to capture motion in 500 fps) that help the robot track the puck and the opponent’s paddle. This allows the robot to anticipate the game play, identify the human opponent’s moves and accordingly change its strategy throughout the game.

The robot produced by Barrett Technology has been developed by Namiki Lab as part of its research into high-speed human interactive robot. What makes the robot player really interesting is that it can easily determine if the opponent is aggressive or defensive and it then changes its game play accordingly. Don’t try and show aggression with the air hockey playing robot – it will come back at you more aggressively, forcing you to go defensive.

Via: Gizmodo



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