Postcard Player by Uniform plays music printed on postcards

Uniform_postcard player

We know music in many forms and we have numerous digital ways to access it, yet to take the concept of accessing music a notch higher, UK-based communications agency Uniform has devised interactive Postcard Player. The music playing postcard prototypes are printed with electronics using conductive inks, which enable users to interact with data and information – i.e. the printed electronics act as switches on the postcards which can be docked into the Postcard Player to play music.

The music postcards are a unique way to play, control and interact with music. Unlike the experience of touching a touchscreen of a phone or music player, the Postcard Player allows users to control music by touching the paper postcards. Each card features tracks with printed buttons to pause and remix music when docked into the Postcard Player. The Postcard Player is on show at Design Museum’s Designs of the Year show, where it is showcasing the emerging technology which involves printing fundamental electronic circuits into any surface.

Uniform_postcard player-front

Uniform_music postcard

Uniform_music postcard-1

Via: Uniform/DesignTaxi



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