Citi Bike Smart Helmet navigates you to the nearest bike docking station

Citi Bike Smart helmet

The bicycle riders in the city of New York are about to witness a new revolutionary way to commute on the streets as Citi Bike Smart Helmet is here to show them the way to the nearest Citi Bike docking station. The Carrera foldable helmet used for this project is embedded with LED strip lights (in the grooves of the helmet), FLORA accelerometer, compass and FLORA GPS system which guide the rider to the nearest bike docking station in the city, thereby saving time and helping in smooth navigation. This project comes courtesy Tyler Cooper and Justin Cooper, who have provided all the instructions on making your own Citi Bike Smart Helmet.

Citi Bike Smart helmet

The complete instructions on making your own Smart Helmet are provided at Adafruit and you can tinker around with the instructions to make your version of the helmet and probably show the world your creation.

Citi Bike Smart helmet

# Citi Bike Smart Helmet in a jiffy



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