Mirai Suenaga Doll – World’s first smartphone-controlled interactive 3D printed robotic smart doll

Smart Doll Mirai Suenaga robotic doll

The world’s first ever interactive smartphone controlled doll based on mascot character Mirai Suenaga is going to be 60 cm tall and has been aptly named the Smart Doll. Right now in the prototype development phase, the highly interactive Mirai Suenaga Doll a.k.a Smart Doll hides away all the new age robotics inside its soft vinyl skin and the 3D printed parts which were duplicated to generate wax clones, cooper plated using electroforming. To provide movement for the hands, limbs and arms the Smart Doll has 24 small servo motors and hybrid servo motors made by mixing and matching the gears and motors themselves. Along with this a CPU board (MiraiCore inside the doll head), Bluetooth, ultrasound sensor, visual sensor, acoustic sensor, location sensor and touch sensor provide for all the robotic smartness of this doll.

To cut down on the development costs of Smart Doll, CNC turning techniques are used to cut body parts using lathe in black or white color. The Aeroframe (fitted inside Volks Dollfie Dream body) keeps the servomotors and control circuits powering up the legs, torso, neck and shoulders in place for smooth movment in interactive sessions with the doll.

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