iStruct Demonstrator – The walking robot ape could replace Mars rovers for future space missions

iStruct demonstrator robot ape

There have been a lot of animal and insect inspired robotic designs seen thus far and this new entrant is inspiring to say the least. Looking to mimic the walking style and pattern of our ancestors, the apes, this robotic four legged beast is a project under development at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI). The developers call it the iStruct Demonstrator and it has been built to mimic the movement of apes and monkeys with unique heel-toe step and spine that bends for flexibility in movement. Weighing around 40 pounds (18 Kg), this four-legged robot can shift the center of mass according to the terrain it is walking on, for example on a steep slope or down a smooth descend.

iStruct demonstrator robot ape

iStruct Demonstrator is driven by RoboDrive motors and has 48 pressure sensors, three axis acceleration sensor, distance sensor, three absolute position sensors, temperature sensor, spine position sensors, force-torque sensors and force sensors for that perfect movement on any surface just like an ape.

Powered by lithium ion batteries, iStruct Demonstrator can walk and run very smoothly irrespective of how abrasive the surface is. The project has backing of German Space Agency and the purpose is to help in space robotics of the near future.

# iStruct Demonstrator walking like an ape

Via: DFKI/Cnet




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