Anti-Google Glass visor glasses prevents facial recognition by cameras

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If you support the ‘Stop the Cyborgs’ Campaign, then you have a reason to be excited as researchers in Japan have developed a pair of ‘Anti-Google Glass’ glasses, which prevent facial recognition by cameras. Created by researchers at the National Institute of Informatics, the pair of specs, dubbed privacy visor glasses, has 11 LEDs embedded in it, which emit near infrared light into the Google glass camera so that it cannot see the persons face. The infrared light emitted by these glasses is not visible to the naked eye, but it is really bright when seen through a camera’s imaging device.

Anti google glass

The main objective behind the glasses is to preserve people privacy from unwanted photography. Photos taken without their knowledge from devices like the Google Glass can violate privacy, but with wearing the visor glasses you can stop your privacy from being infringed.

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Google Glass has caused concern because of its built-in camera placed close to the wearer’s eye which can click photos and record videos without any shutter sound of light to indicate that it’s working. People believe that this can be a problem for other’s privacy, thus cafes and clubs in the US have banned them in the premises to respect customer privacy. For now, the visor glasses work only with camera lenses that are sensitive to infrared light, but researchers say they are working on a reflective materials, which will be less obstructive and similarly effective.

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