Miniature Cardboard vessel by NNS wins The Yard competition

Carboard vessel ship at The Yard competition

As a part of the “The Yard” ship repair competition in Suffolk, Newport News Shipbuilding (NNS) brought to life a cardboard vessel that can float on water with additional weight and for this amazing creation won the competition too. Taking inspiration from the Hull 282, Norfolk vessel build by Newport News Shipbuilding in 1925, the miniature cardboard version was cut and crafted using scissors and put together using duct tape only. The Yard competition was judged on criteria including the resemblance of miniature model, invisibility of duct tape and the heaviest amount of weight endured for at least 10 seconds without going down to the bottom of the tank containing water.

NNS surpassed all the criterion and even amassed bonus points for adding additional weight and human on top of it, bearing around 344 pounds of weight before sinking down. Apparently the competition required the teams to build their miniature vessels in under an hour’s time which exemplifies the creativity of the NNS team who build this cool looking cardboard ship a notch further.

Via: SuffolkNewsHerald



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