How to make gaming controller for physically disabled gamers?

Custom gaming controller for physically disabled

You go on enjoying gaming in your free time and get exhilarated by the whole adrenalin rush, but have you ever given a though to how a disabled bloke would get this kind of blood rush, due to the unfortunate disability? Giving a thought to this problem, Caleb Kraft of Hack a Day has designed a 3D printed custom controller for people with disability, in particular muscular dystrophy. Caleb designed the custom gaming controller for a kid named Thomas who is suffering from muscular dystrophy and is a keen fan of playing video games. By toggling around with the control inputs, Caleb managed to make a custom controller for Thomas that brings a smile to his face.

The complete project details and the make process is detailed-in by Caleb on Hack a Day and you can jump straight over to learn more. In the meanwhile you can have a sneak peak at the project in the video given below.



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