WaterCar Panther, the world’s fastest Amphibious Vehicle

WaterCar Panthe Amphibious Vehicle-3

Like flying cars, another challenge humanity faces in the auto industry is building a fast and effective amphibious car that can blow our wits away. To make a difference in the category, WaterCar has introduced the Panther Amphibious Vehicle. WaterCar Panther claims to be the fastest amphibious car that can transform from car to boat in under 15 seconds and can easily do 44 mph (38 knots) over water, and more than 80 mph on the road.

The WaterCar Panther looks pretty impressive – on the first look on road it looks like a Jeep Wrangler, and pretty much an attractive boat on water. In the heart of it, the Panther has a Honda sourced 3.7-liter V6 engine, which drives the wheels – the makers call it Panther Jet in-water propulsion.  The car features four-speed manual gearbox and weighs 2950 lbs.

The WaterCar Panther is a four seater car made from lightweight fiberglass and features chromyl chassis built to live all kinds of abuse on road. The hull of the car is filled in with 32 square feet of US Coast Guard approved closed cell Styrofoam, which makes the WaterCar Panther virtually unsinkable. We don’t have any word on what price Panther will sell for, but for the time being enjoy the video below.

Via: Autoblog




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