ROSPHERE robot assists farmer in monitoring moisture level of crops

Rosphere robot

A spherical robot that can roll on its stomach and monitor the moisture levels in crop that is what this industrial robot is all about. Developed by researchers at the UPM (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid ) and called as ROSPHERE, this robot will save farmer’s time as it will provide a unique method of crop monitoring at very low cost. The reason for its completely contoured design is to provide uninterrupted movement on uneven grounds too. The movement of ROSPHERE is based on the principle of center of mass and to move forward, backward, left or right the robot has pendulum system.

The development stage of this robot was centered around mechatronic development which includes mechanics, control electronics communications and programming. For testing and figuring out of applications for ROSPHERE, it was tested on shared space with people to access whether it would function ably or not.

Via: EmeraldInside



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