The Heineken Ignite interactive beer bottles glow in time to music

The Heineken ignite

With an objective to light up our beer parties, Heineken has introduced a new advertisement for interactive beer bottles – called the Heineken Ignite. The idea of the interactive beer bottles is conceived by digital agency Tribal DDB. The new advertising ploy has already become a phenomenon on social media, displaying how well creativity of the alcoholic brand has gone with the buffs. The bottles have a green plastic base screwed to the bottom of the Heineken beer bottle with LED and wireless sensors. The sensors detect when the bottle is lifted and the LED flashes in sync with music or when someone takes a sip from the bottle.

Not sure if that can really justify the word interactive, but in totality it’s a nifty twist that will surely enhance the Heineken’s creativity and growth. Let’s wait to see when we’ll be able to sip off a glowing beer bottle.

Interactive heineken beer bottles

Via: Wall Street Journal/Technabob



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