PSiO audiovisual stimulation glasses boost energy levels effortlessly

PSiO Mind Booster glasses-3

If you have tried hypnosis as a method of therapy to rejuvenate yourself after a long day at work, you will definitely like the PSiO Mind Booster glasses. If you haven’t tried anything of that sort, but love the way how audiovisual sensations boost energy and productivity – you also have a reason to read on. Visor-like designed PSiO Mind Booster glasses are a basically audiovisual stimulation glasses which come with a pair of earphones and plays MP3 files synced with light stimulations to allow your brain to relax.

PSiO Mind Booster glasses which flash soothing colorful lights and music will be on display at the CE Week in New York. The glasses have be designed on thorough researches which reveal that combinations of vibrant colors, music and light therapy can help increase a person’s memory, focus, creativity and energy. Owing to its advantages the glasses can be used in recuperating people with depression, post traumatic stress disorders etc.

The PSiO Mind Booster is comfortable to wear is powered by rechargeable battery which charges via USB cable. Priced at $350, the glasses are available online.

Via: DigitalTrends



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