iblazr – First powerful external LED Flash for smartphones, tablets

iblazr external LED flash

Almost all smartphones and tablets have 3.5 audio jack connectors, but none of them have a really powerful flash. Tapping on the ambiguity, we have iblazr – the first universal LED Flash for mobile devices. The portable and easy to use flash connects to the smartphone or tablet via 3.5 mm audio jack, and allows its camera to shoot great quality pictures (without red or white eye effect) in low light. The iblazr flash can rotate in all directions, so it can also be used with the front facing camera while making a conference at night or in dim lit room.

Measuring less than 10mm in thickness, the iblazr flash is good to be used on any smartphone or tablet. Despite its size, the flash is really powerful thanks to the super efficient LEDs built-in. In video mode the iblazr provides over 100 lux, while its gives out over 180 lux when in flash mode. iblazr is compatible with iOS and Androind devices, and it can also be used as macro light.

The best thing about the iblazr is that it comes with its own 180 mAh lithium rechargeable battery so you don’t have to worry about draining out your smartphone or tablet’s battery while using the external flash. At full charge, iblazr can live up three hours of constant shooting. Do you really think a powerful flash for your phone or tablet is a good idea? Then be ready to support the iblazr crowdfunding campaign slated to hit Kickstrater soon.

# Update

iBlazr, the world’s first portable flash for smartphone and tablets is up on Kickstarter for crowd-funding so that its creators can push it into mass production. So far it is doing good and is expected to make it into the production stage with special offers for early bird donors on Kickstarter for this project.

# Press Release

The World’s First Fully Synchronized Flash for iOS and Android “iblazr” Now
Available for Pre-orders at Kickstarter.

A team independent developers have recently come up with “iblazr”, the world’s first portable flash that is fully synchronized with Smartphones and tablets. Team iblazr has just launched a Kickstarter fundraiser to start the mass production of iblazr.

The concept of capturing high quality images and videos using smartphones and tablets is about to change forever with the launch of iblazr, the world’s first portable and fully synchronized flash for iOS and Android. iblazr can be used with both the front and back camera by connecting it to the audio jack of a smartphone or tablet. iblazr promises to be a unique tool for modern day photography with its remarkable capability to improve photo quality. The product is easy to use and overcomes problems people face with smartphone camera in poorly lit situations. However, iblazr is not ready to hit the market just yet. The team of young and talented developers behind this product needs funding support on Kickstarter for the market launch of iblazr.

The advent of modern technology has made it possible to capture high quality images and videos using smartphones and tablets. However, these devices are not suitable for nighttime photography because of limitations like white or red eye effect and insignificant power of built-in flash. iblazr has been designed to eliminate these problems for Smartphone users around the world. This tiny device comprises of four high-end American CREE LEDs to produce uncompromised lighting. It is also equipped with a built-in battery to prevent drainage of power from smartphone.

The iblazr team has also developed a free iOS and Android app to maximize the benefits of the flash.
This app can help users to adjust the brightness of light and synchronize the iblazr with the camera shutter of the smartphone or tablet. iblazr can also be a source of continuous light for video shooting or the macro shots. It is also efficient as a backlight for the keyboard, reading light, or just as a flashlight.

The good news is that there is no need to wait for the market launch of iblazr because the device is presently available on Kickstarter for pre-order. During the official launch of the Kickstarter campaign, the founder of iblazr Vlad Tislenko said, “We’ve been developing iblazr for almost a year and came up with really a great product. It is really small and with that really powerful. It can be used with iOS, Android Smartphones and tablets. It’s also a great solution for DSLR macro photographers, truly
multifunctional and one of a kind device.”

The iblazr team has set their Kickstarter funding goal at $58,000. They have done a commendable job so far with the prototypes, apps, etc. Now they need funding support to prepare for mass production by purchasing all necessary electronic components and molds. Funds will also be used for future software
updates of iblazr.

About iblazr:

iblazr is the World’s first portable flash that is fully synchronized with Smartphones and tablets. This unique product was designed by the product design team in association with that the
product construction and electronics development companies.

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