Power Wheels 2014 Stingray is fastest toy car that does 6 mph

Power Wheels 2014 Stingray is fastest toy car

If your kid’s been demanding a Corvette since he first saw it, you have the opportunity to present him with one of Fisher-Price’s newest model based on Chevrolet’s 2014 Corvette Stingray to make sure your little one’s Corvette dreams comes true. Priced at $275, the Power Wheels 2014 Stingray is fastest Power Wheels ever, with top speeds of 6 mph.  The Power Wheels Stingray will be made available beginning in September 2013, but parents who don’t want to wait so long can pre-order one through Wal-Mart website right away.

Powered using a 12-volt rechargeable battery, the Power Wheels Stingray besides going at a top speed of 6 mph (up to 3 mph in reverse), is entirely styled after the real Corvette Seventh Generation. The Power Wheels Stingray has compromised with the passenger seat for speed (its single seater), but features shiny chrome wheels and can be driven on hard surfaces and grass.

Via: CNet



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