Retired Chinese couple takes 5 year world tour in homemade solar electric tricycle

Solar Electric Tricycle

Making a tricycle is one thing but travelling 100 countries across the world during a time span of 5 years is another. While it is time for other veterans to sit back and rest, a wedded couple from china decide to built their own solar electric tricycle and take a world tour on it. Li Linxiang 66 and his wife Zhao Yafan 64, a retired couple from Shenyang, Liaoning province will circle the globe in this homemade vehicle that is good for the environment taking just two pit stops to cross the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Their current leg of the journey has started from Shenyang on May 25 and they will travel China, Kazakhstan, Middle East and spend the winter in Ethiopia. Continuing the journey they have plans to enter Europe via Turkey in the spring season and then travel to North Africa in December 2014.

Thereafter the couple will land in United States and Canada via the sea route and then back to Republic of Korea and Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to finish off this grueling journey. Apparently the couple has been on the road since 2006 when they commenced the tour of China for two years and then later on a one year visit to six countries in Southeast Asia in 2012.

Solar Electric Tricycle

Via: ChinaDaily



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