Amputee builds herself a prosthetic leg out of Lego

Christina Stephens Prosthetic lego leg

Most of us able bodied individuals can’t make most things amputees (not sure if I should be referring to them as this) build for themselves. Case in point is a prosthetic leg built out of Lego bricks by Christina Stephens – an amputee herself. Christina, who lost her limb in an accident, is a practicing occupational therapist and clinical researcher. She has a Facebook page and YouTube channel with the username AmputeeOT.

Prosthetic lego leg

Christina actually built the prosthetic Lego leg in response to a colleague’s joke. A colleague in the research lab suggested her to make a prosthetic leg from Legos jokingly – she went home and did exactly that. Christina advices others not try this because you can hurt yourself. Hit the jump to see a time time-lapse video that documents how Christina build herself a prosthetic leg out of Lego.

Via: Gizmodo/DigitalJournal



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