BG is world’s first tweeting animal that manages zoo’s twitter account

Tweeting Honey Badger-1

Honey Badger named BG in a Johannesburg Zoo has become the first animal in the world to have an active Twitter account. BG thanks to its high-tech enclosure is the zoo’s official social media voice. The zoo selected honey badger for the task because of its human friendly behavior and its active lifestyle – badger is lively during day and night. BG began tweeting just on 14 June and in the past fortnight it has become a sensation on twitter with more than 2 000 followers already.

Tweeting Honey Badger

BG’s enclosure in the zoo has been installed with wireless motion-activated, animal-friendly sensors developed by Hellocomputer. The sensors are placed at several locations within the enclosure and are connected to an on-site base station located on the outside of BG’s enclosed space.  The base station is connected to the agency server, which has a database of pre-written tweets, which are triggered by the movement of the badger. When BG touches a sensor in his territory, a relevant message (of what it is doing) is tweeted. You can follow BG at @zootweetslive or #tweetingbadger.

Tweeting Honey Badger BG

Via: ITWeb/BuzzFeed



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