Nouvoyage Limousine Tender 33 for demanding geeks

Nouvoyage Limousine Tender 33

Nouvoyage has come up with a high-end tender for demanding customers who crave for luxury lifestyle and are very particular about the things they own. They call it the first amphibian Limousine Tender and have named it aptly as Nouvoyage Limousine Tender 33. Designed especially for superyacht and resort properties market, the tender can be personalized to the customers need courtesy its bespoke design elements. Taking the superyacht design to a whole new level the Nouvoyage Limousine Tender 33 is ideal for road as well as waterway transport.

Nouvoyage Limousine Tender 33_1

According to Martin Bodley, Nouvoyage’s Chief Executive Officer

Nouvoyage recognized that, historically, amphibious vehicles have been plagued with reliability and performance limitations due to their complex mechanical systems, preventing this dual purpose platform from ever achieving large scale deployment. Nouvoyage has created a platform that breaks through these known barriers with a patented design combining mechanical simplicity with state-of-the-art technologies drawn from leading commercial, military and racing industry advancements. Our platform will benefit existing uses of amphibious vehicles as well as opening doors for many new applications and industries.

Nouvoyage Limousine Tender 33

Overall length of Nouvoyage Limousine Tender 33 is 10 meters and height is 2.4 meters (in stowed mode 2 meters) while the weight of the vessel rakes up to 13,500 lbs.

Nouvoyage Limousine Tender 33

Nouvoyage tender is powered by a Yanmar Marine Diesel engine and can notch up speed of 28 knots on water and 85 mph on land, carrying 12 passengers on board with 2 crew members.

Nouvoyage Limousine Tender 33

Nouvoyage has not publically revealed the price yet and for more details you can place a call on their phone numbers.

# Nouvoyage Limousine Tender 33 in 360 degree view

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