Porsche Design P’3135 fountain pen is classy

Porsche Design P’3135 fountain pen

Porsche Design has released P’3135 fountain pen that is as exclusive as the brand name associated with it. Carved from a solid piece of titanium, the fountain pen has a very unique shape and an 18-carat gold nib for one elegant writing instrument that has the highest quality rhodium plating. Porsche Design is imprinted very meticulously on the surface of the spring and the shaft of the pen is precision machined, polished and then done off with a scratch resistant PVD coating, giving P’3135 a silhouette look.

Porsche Design P’3135 fountain pen

To make the fountain pen even more desirable, it has been coated with plasma-vacuum having 99.99 percent pure titanium which is scratch-resistant and harder than steel. The pen has a unique ink filling mechanism wherein a slight pressure to the end is required to remove the tail and fill the converter with ink.

Porsche Design P’3135 fountain pen will be available worldwide in own stores as well as franchise stores from 15 July 2013.

Porsche Design P’3135 fountain pen

Porsche Design P’3135 fountain pen

Porsche Design P’3135 fountain pen


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