Trend Micro Jewelry Box: Cloud-based photo storage device for gadgets

Trend Micro Jewelry Box

Is photo management from variety of gadgets into one single location becoming tedious task for you? And you want a single-cloud enabled device that could seamlessly manage all your digital photo content from a variety of gadgets like smartphones, laptops, tablets, cameras etc.? Then you wish has just come true as Trend Micro has revealed the Jewelry Box, a cloud-enabled photo management device that supports wireless connectivity and backs-up your precious memories in a safe location. The gadget closely resembles a UFO spaceship design and I wonder why they named it the Jewelry Box!

Jewelry Box automatically syncs photo data from wirelessly connected devices and can be controlled using remote control. The device also has capability to send photos or post them on social network sites. You can store around 16GB of data on the device itself and cloud storage service (free for one year) which is around 40,000 photos with average size of 350 KB. Trend Micro’s Jewelry Box will be available for purchase in June 2014 in two color options; black and white with a price tag of 16,800 ($170) in Japan only and there are plans to launch it worldwide too in the future.

Via: TrendMicro



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