Pedal-powered sound system lets you roll without power

bike powered sound system

Sound systems have gone so high-tech these days that an audio system powered by cyclists may seem just impossible – but this was a sight at the Forks a couple of days back. Pedal powered sound system is brainchild of Andy Rudolph – a drummer and sound engineer, which connected many strangers and cyclists in an electrifying way along with five bands playing live on the cyclist-powered stage. For the stage that turned cyclists into musicians, bicycles were connected to four stations synced with sound system.  The sound system was appreciated by hundreds of Winnipeggers who came out to seen the bike-powered stage at The Forks on Canada Day.

The bicycle powered sound system that took Rudolph two months to build was being used for the second time; it was first used back in June at Bike to Work Day. The system has motor attached to the cycle wheels and the energy generated from pedaling is sent through wires to the stage – the faster its pedaled the louder it sounds. The sound system has been built in collaboration with Forks’ Target Zero initiative – with a vision to eliminate carbon emissions.

Via: WinnipegFreePress



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