World’s largest headphones won’t even touch your ears

Largest headphones

Listening to music in an isolated environment where everything around you blurs, as you get into a state of trance, is one of the most amazing feeling you can get. Dallyn Rule who is a diehard music fan from childhood created the world’s largest headphones for Maker Faire in Vancouver, B.C and they surely are huge. Measuring almost full human body length, these functional headphones are made from 100% recycled/reused material. As Dallyn goes on explaining in the video, the headphones have been his dream since childhood as he wanted to create something big and noticeable. The headphones are almost the size of a huge speaker and as the user sits to listen the music of his choice. The interesting thing about these headphones is that they never ever touch your ears or head and still produce music that makes you believe that you are physically wearing a headphone. Even more, others around cannot listen to the music coming from these headphones as you would believe, that is the amazing thing about these headies.

Largest headphones by Dallyn Rule

Dallyn Rule plans to make more improvements to the current design of these humungous headphones and says that an even bigger version could be on the cards.



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