600cc engine-powered world’s fastest mobility scooter does 120 mph

World's fastest mobility scooter

Generally mobility scooters are meant to transport elderly and disabled people from one place to another at a maximum speed of 8 mph, but when Richard Underwood, John McNeil and Dale Glover soup-up a mobility scooter with a 600cc engine, it becomes 15 times faster than normal and good enough to put some better motorbikes to shame. This fastest mobility scooter by the trio courtesy its 600cc engine (same used in high-powered motorbikes) can reach up to speeds of 120 mph.

The high-speed mobility scooter has been built after a year of hard work and it was a real head turner at a recently concluded race event at Ramsey Sprint, where it competed and stood third amid a selection of fast cars and bikes. The trio is hoping to get their blazing fast vehicle into Guinness World Records at a showpiece record attempt on August 31.

World's fastest mobility scooter-1

Via: YahooNews



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