Teenager builds exoskeleton glove for grandmother’s disabled hand

exoskeleton glove by Charalampos Ioannou Google science faire 2013

Charalampos Ioannou, a 17 years old youngster from Athens, Greece was so concerned about his grandmother’s ailing chronic upper hand disability that he decided to make an exoskeleton glove capable of sensing human hand’s kinetic stimulus. Charalampos did this with a processing system that has algorithm driving the powerful precision motor mechanisms to enhance the user’s force in real time. The metallic exoskeleton glove also won him the final place in 2013 Google Science Fair (GSF 2013) which is no surprise.

Charalampos has been a geek at heart since his childhood as he had his own workshop at the age of 9, developing his own projects. His zeal for DIY projects has been so intense that he watches online lectures from universities to learn more about programming robots, open source software, latest technology components and more. He even managed to be youngest TEDx speaker at Athens last November.



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