Mini Coupe with built-in li-ion battery keeps your phone juiced

Minicar battery GT5200 coupe

We’ve used some really amazing and useful external batteries to keep our mobile devices juiced up in times of emergency. Now, to make charging smartphones and tablets little automotive, Japan Trust Technology (JTT) has introduced a Mini GT5200 Coupe with a built-in lithium ion battery that can charge tablets and phones equipped with microUSB port. Minicar battery GT5200 Coupe features 5200mAh battery and is available in 4 colors – white, black, crimson red and deep blue.

Minicar battery GT5200 coupe has a display mounted on its sunroof, which displays the battery usage. It has been built-in with LEDs on the headlights and tail lights that flash during charging the gadget. The external battery available for purchase at 3980 yen ($40) measures 45 × 37 x 110 mm, it can stick onto the back of a mobile device and can charge it about 300-500 times.

Minicar battery GT5200 coupe-1

Minicar battery GT5200 coupe-2

Via: LiveDoor



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