Talking cigarette pack – The new mantra to quit smoking

Talking cigarette pack

If you are addicted to smoking then you know how hard it is to quit this habit even though you are well acquainted with the harmful effects it has on health. To tackle this age old problem researchers from Stirling University in Scotland have come up with talking cigarette pack aimed at motivating smokers to quit this bad habit. Every time the pack is opened to get a cigarette out and audio clip is played that warns the user the health risks associated with smoking. To prompt the user into thinking about the health hazards of cigarette this audio clip is followed by a helpline number recite which puts the final nail in the head and impulsively prompting the user to dial the number for further counseling.

This initiative funded by Cancer research U.K. is a part of Scottish government’s effort to reduce the number smokers in Scotland from 23 percent to 5 percent by 2034. In tests conducted on a group of women aged 16 to 34 for this new cigarette quitting drive, the results have been encouraging and researchers are planning to increase the domain of testing across males and females aged 16 and over.

The main problem with quitting smoking is the intensity of self-motivation that can only be persisted if there is a stimulus that constantly provokes the user to at least think about quitting smoking. And in the case of talking cigarette pack, the stimulus is the constant audio feed that reminds the user of health risk. Hopefully talking cigarette packs are going to motivate smokers so much that they move on with their lives sans the cigarette in their mouth.

Via: BBC



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