$30,000 Nikon camera symphony is pretty delightful

Nikon camera symphony

What do you think few photographers can do best with 14 odd Nikon cameras – click amazing photographs you what else, well think just again? With an intention to find how different sounds generated from their cameras could sound, photographer Benjamin Von Wong along with a few Nikonians used 14 Nikon cameras provided by Nikon Professional Services Canada, to create sweet music composed by Andrew Kesler. The team of Nikonians created unique symphony using nothing more than Nikon equipment – the video below shows how they play with shutter sound, menu beeps, lens focus sounds and other nitty-gritty’s to create the musical delight.

The team used Nikon D800E, D7000, D7100, D700, D800, D5200, D600, SB-900, D4 and D3 for their short clip – cameras worth a total of $30,000.

Via: VonWong



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