Brunton Hydrogen Reactor uses hydrogen fuel cells to charge your gadgets

Brunton Hydrogen Reactor

Inventing new technologies to charge up your gadgets are paramount simply because of the usage of gadgets that dominates our lives. There are near field communication chargers, solar powered chargers and yet another new kind of gadget charging technology is fuel cell. Even though there are not the most promising methods for juicing up your gadgets like smartphones, tablets, cameras, GPS device or MP3 players but still they can be of use when you are outdoors or stuck in the wild. Brunton has introduced a compact little hydrogen fuel cell charger called the Hydrogen Reactor especially for outdoor adventure and grueling trips.

To keep your gadgets filled with energy every time Hydrogen Reactor has small cartridges of pure hydrogen and to produce 8500 mAh electric energy (per core) the hydrogen reacts with oxygen from air. This energy produced is enough to juice up a smartphone like iPhone 5 times to full brim.

One advantage of hydrogen fuel cell charging methods for your gadgets is their environmentally friendly credential as they use non-toxic chemicals. To fill up the Hydrogen Reactor with the required pure hydrogen Brunton will have charging stations at local retailers or cartridge exchange offerings.

Brunton Hydrogen Reactor will be released in the spring 2014 for a price tag of $200 and the refilling cartridge will cost around $8 which is a good deal for portable charging solution. And mind you unlike other portable charging solutions like solar cells, the hydrogen cells have no restrictions or limitations of charging in acute weather conditions.



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