Bluetooth-enabled Tile makes tracking and finding lost objects really easy

Tile object tracker

As a kid, I could never keep track of my keys and as an adult too I often tend to miss place my phone, wallet and keys etc. Finding the phone is still easy, but when it comes to other things, finding missing items can be really daunting. With a motive to help us keep track of our things so we never lose them again, a team of brilliant designers have introduced small, low-power consuming Bluetooth-enabled tags dubbed Tile, which can attach to all kinds of objects and help the owner find their belonging using the Tile app. The accompanying app lets the user find tagged objects by triggering an alarm and allowing you to track it using a map.

In case the tilled object is out of the user’s range, its attacked Tile relays a signal which put other Tile apps in search mode. It sends a notification when found – all this happens in top secrecy. The whole procedure of locating the item takes place so securely that even the person whose Tile app locates the item doesn’t know that they’ve found it. Tile – made with an intention to give locating lost items a revolutionary twist – is up for pre-order, but it will only begin shipping for an undisclosed price during fall 2013. Hit the jump to enjoy a video demonstration.

Tile object tracker-1 Photographer Photographer

Via: DesignTaxi



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