Brain-controlled 15-feet-tall brain lights up in flames if you can meditate

Mens Amplio 15 feet tall brain

We’ve seen some of the craziest brain-controlled contraptions to display the possibilities of science and technology, but a 15 feet tall brain which can be controlled by a participant’s brain waves is probably out of this world. Dubbed Mens Ampilo (expanding the mind in Latin), this is an interactive 15 foot brain and head which has been embedded with LEDs in the branching structures (representing neurons)  made from clear light-diffusing acrylic – Endlighten rods. These built-in LEDs show a sequence of light displays, which are controlled by an EEG reader placed on the participant’s head.

The exterior of the mammoth brain and head has been made out of steel tubes and according to the developers of Mens Ampilo, they have used Raspberry Pi and Arduino processors to translate the participant’s brain waves into light patterns in real time. The 15 feet tall brain also has Pi controlled flames on the outside, which are triggered only when the participant can meditate.

The Mens Ampilo will debut at Burning Man event this year, and the makers have a plan to take the giant head to schools around California to demonstrate it to kids and get them excited about science, technology and fabrication. Mens Ampilo is up on Indiegogo for crowdfunding, if you are interested in getting your head in one of the EEG headsets to control that damn thing, then help fund the project.

The main funding for the construction of Mens Amplio has largely been covered with a grant from Burning Man Project, but the makers are looking for an additional $8000 to get cover the final bits of construction and to get it around to local schools. Donating $500 can get you your own desktop brain with color changing LED lights, controlled by your brain. Hit the jump to see the making of Mens Amplio.

Via: BoingBoing



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