Hand crank powered RC car gets kids to understand value of power

hand crank powered RC toy car

Kid love remote controlled toy cars, not sure about you, but I have seen kids love them. The sheer fun of RC cars is however limited to the amount of time that batteries can last. Buying new batteries every time can get really expensive. And that wait seems too long for kids when the batteries are being recharged (in case you have rechargeable battery powered toy car). So, where’s the solution, well if you believe our word, the solution lies with DynamoGo – an RC car that runs without batteries.

The $20 DynamoGo is powered by a wireless remote control, which comes with a foldable handle that needs to be hand cranked to power the car. The remote plugs into the RC toy and can be powered for another round of fun. With DynamoGo children can learn the value of power because the length of how long the car will run, will depend on the cranking that the kid does.

Via: ThinkGeek/Gizmodo



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