Man builds jet-powered shopping cart with top speed of 44mph

Jet-powered shopping cart by Matt McKeown

It takes a man to be out of his trolley to stand behind a shopping cart speeding at 44mph – but that’s probably why Matt McKeown calls himself a mad man. A resident of Devon, England, 52-year-old Matt McKeown built himself a jet-powered shopping cart which he got out to Santa Pod in Northamptonshire for its first ride and wowed people by riding it at 44mph (70km/h) on the drag race strip. In order to smash records and to register his name into the Guinness Book, Matt intends to modify his jet-powered trolley to reach a top speed of 60mph to 70mph, though 44mph in itself is a new record.

Jet-powered shopping cart by Matt McKeown_2

In his first run, which was supposed to be a test run, Matt has gone past 42mph, the previous record by any such contraption – a record held by Tesco which drove customized combustion engine powered trolley into the record books.  Matt, owner of Plymouth Karting now plans to install an afterburner to his second-hand helicopter engine (fitted in the cart) to try and double its speed. To add more stability to the trolley to be able to ride at high speeds, Matt has used go-kart wheels for the rear wheels of his mad-machine.

Jet-powered shopping cart by Matt McKeown_1

Via: BBC



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