LEGObot 3D printer – A 3D printer made from Lego bricks

LEGObot 3D printer

3D printing is a cool technology that has revolutionized manufacturing techniques but to own a 3D printer one requires a big pocket, to be precise around $800-$2500! So what does a geeky DIYer who has profound liking for Lego bricks do? Make one for himself and that too from Lego Bricks. Instructables user Matthew Krueger a.k.a [Mastermind] who has been a fan of 3D printing ever since he first saw the makerbot decided to make a LEGObot 3D printer and one year hence came up with his amazing creation. Although he was a bit short on computer programming skills, yet he managed to bring to life the 3D printer that is fully functional even though being made from Lego bricks. Lego Mindstorms NXT kit was used for this DIY project and it can 3D print object with candy or glue gun sticks.

Even though this 3D printer has limitations on the length of 3D object being printed but Matthew looks to fix that in his next version of LEGObot 3D printer. To do this he’ll need help from 3D printing experts and of course he can keep crowd-funding platforms like Kickstarter in his radar in case he needs more money to build a Lego 3D printer that is in a way invincible.

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