Moon-themed Luna iPhone 5 case is concrete strong

Luna iPhone 5 case

When I come across some iPhone case made from an unusual material, I often ask myself, is the case meant to protect the iPhone or simply make it look better than maybe what the guys at Apple thought it to be. But the irony is; I never find an answer to my question. Taking my bewilderment a notch further, a Korean company by the name of Posh Projects has designed a strikingly unique moon-themed iPhone 5 case. Made from semi flexible concrete (presumably), each Luna iPhone 5 case (as it is called) comes with a different surface (crater pattern), which means no two Luna cases will be the same – so if you are someone who likes to stand out in the crowd, then this is the iPhone cover you were looking for.

Moon themed Luna iPhone 5 case

There is no word on price of the moon-themed concrete Luna iPhone 5 case, but it is expected to go on sale soon. Undoubtedly, the case will make the iPhone really robust but weight will surely be our concern until we get an official word on this guys specifications.

Concrete iPhone 5 case


Via: TheCoolector/UberGizmo



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  1. MJung says:

    Advertised as concrete…yet it looks more like someone cast a polymer on a concrete negative to mimic the texture. I wonder if it feels synthetic or raw

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