Illuminated Umbrella lights up in dark rainy conditions

Bright Night Illuminated Umbrella

Let me picture a scenario for you, rainy night with no lights around and you can’t even see the path you are walking on. Either you switch on the screen light of your smartphone or use a flashlight to lighten up the paving path. But what if you are holding too much in your hands and don’t have a flashlight handy in your bag? Then you’ll surely have to watch your step in that rainy dark night and hope that you reach home safely without toppling over. Having an umbrella which can protect you from the rain and at the same time lighten up the road you are walking on will surely have you one less to worry about these monsoons. Bright Night Illuminated Umbrella by a Japanese product manufacturer has a 6V krypton light bulb mounted inside that lights up anytime you want to have a clear vision of what you are walking on.

Bright Night Illuminated Umbrella

Capable of illuminating an area of 30 meters, this umbrella with a built-in bulb is quite useful for times when all your hand are full and you need to see things more clearly in pitch dark. There is a navigable button on the umbrella itself to switch On/OFF the bulb and it runs on four AA batteries that lasts around 3 hours in one go. Made from water-repelling impact resistance, heat resistance and flame retardancy polycarbonate material; this umbrella is designed to take on windy conditions of 11 m wind speed.

Illuminated Umbrella comes in four color options; blue, red green, brown and black with a price tag of 3,980 Yen ($40). The total weight of this umbrella is 460 grams and comes with a special shoulder case strap for easy mobility.

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