Schimmel Fine Pen – A steampunk pen made from vintage watch parts

Schimmel Fine Pen

A steampunk pen made from watch parts is what this writing instrument is all about. Schimmel Fine Pen is a vintage watch parts steampunk pen that has successfully managed to amass the required funding goal at Kickstarter with almost a week’s time still to go. Made from the finest vintage watch parts, this writing instrument is unique in itself as it has a completely different look and feel when compared to other limited edition pens that we have so far. Since the watch parts like the watch face and small little gears had to be fitted inside the pen, so they needed to be deformed into a slightly roundish, contoured shape rather than the usual flat form factor.

This project is the brainchild of Chad Schimmel from Glibert, Arizona and he very well managed to put together the vintage watch parts inside the pen’s body to complete the niche look. The pens have been polished with chrome metal finish for that distinctively stunning look that you’ll never ever get in any other designer pen in the world.

Via: ImpeccablePen



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