Stakanoo foldable hybrid canoe kayak fits inside car boot space

Stakanoo foldable canoe kayak

Under normal circumstances you would stack up your canoe or kayak on roof of your four wheeler and drive off to the waters for some fun. But 46 year old Stuart Woodward from Somerset is about to change that as he has designed a foldable canoe called Stakanoo which can easily fit in the boot area of your car and eliminate the need for any roof rack. Made from three sections that can be put together in a minute’s time, this canoe/kayak becomes 7.6 feet long and 2.25 feet wide when in full size. The 19 kg Stakanoo makes your task easy as it can be kept even in your cupboard at home, thereby saving a lot of space which can be used for other household items.

Stakanoo foldable canoe kayak

Since you would be storing the kayak in the boot section of your car, therefore it will eliminate any drag caused by the roof rack or the boat on top of it on express highways. The three sections of this boat have been constructed in such a way that they slot into each other perfectly without the need of any external tool. The tip of the bow connects to a section having the seat and the midship which fits inside the stern.

Stuart has made two fiberglass versions of Stakanoos which are up for grabs via a sale with Bristol Boats in Saltford. According to him his design is a hybrid between kayak and canoe, making it perfect for adventure freaks and cost £465 for all the features it provides.

Stakanoo foldable canoe kayak

Stakanoo foldable canoe kayak

Via: DailyMail



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