Muku Shuttr is first Bluetooth remote shutter for smartphone cameras

muku shuttr

We’ve seen a few remote shutter release for the iPhone and Android smartphones, but Muku Shuttr, a new entrant in the market, does make place for itself because of it key ring size design and wireless ability. Muku Shuttr can trigger a smartphones camera from almost 30ft away without the need of any third party app. The Muku Shuttr release connects to a mobile device using Bluetooth and unlike other shutter release doesn’t have to use any app or cable to connect.

muku shuttr_1

The Muku Shuttr for now is compatible with all versions of the iPhone (3GS and above), 5th gen iPod Touch and above iPad 2 and above and iPad mini. On the Android smartphones, the Muku currently work with Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, Note 2, Note 8, Note 10.1 and LG Nexus 4. It is also compatible with HTC One, the One X+, and Sony’s Xperia S and Z smartphones also, but for these an app is required.

muku shuttr wireless shutter release

Muku Shuttr after failing a crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo, it has now reached Kickstarter, where it has raised $24,477 of the $10K they needed (when writing) with 22 days still to go, so there is a likely chance that we’ll soon see the Muku in the market. If you think you want a Muku Shuttr before the others can lay their hands on it, you can pledge $30 and have one delivered to you by October.

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