DIY Walking Dead weapon to survive zombie apocalypse

Walking Dead Crossbow Build with AtomicMari

I’m not sure if zombie apocalypse is going to happen anytime soon or not but people surely are up for the massacre and preparing their weapons for salvation. Jesse Clarkson who is a master prop maker for movies like The Dark Night and Iron Man took up the challenge of creating a zombie apocalypse weapon, to be precise, the Daryl Dixon Crossbow from the movie “The Walking Dead”. Clarkson along with engineer Tim Dolph made one hell of a weapon that has everything from a crossbow to retractable bayonet for close encounters with scavenging zombies. This DIY is surely of the highest order coming from such an avid artist as he turns old crossbow, airsoft gun, umbrella and urethane into one cool weapon.

Clarkson picked up a salvaged crossbow from local store and along with Atomic Mari from Smosh who put up a great show while the making of this DIY project, managed to stuff in all the details on making your own Walking Dead Crossbow. This weapon might not save you from the walking dead but will definitely make for one cool geeky prop for your collection. Watch the video below to learn more about how to make your own DIY Walking Dead Crossbow.

Via: MegaMight



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