Digital Capabilities – Raspberry Pi actuated garden opens and closes depending on tweets

Digital Capabilities garden at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

It is very surprising to see computer programmers and architects both at RHS Chelsea Flower Show, but that is exactly what Digital Capabilities garden put forth. Being one of the most elite horticulture show in the world, it was fitting to show-off this amazing Raspberry Pi actuated garden at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show for five continuous days. Shaun Lawson collaborated with Harriet Gross (Head of psychology at the University of Lincoln) and decided to make a unique garden that would operate via the social media channel seamlessly.

This amazing digital garden show mesmerized onlookers who were surprised by the aesthetics of this beautiful garden that has upbeat technology. The garden wall panels open or close depending on the volume of tweets that come in with mentions of the garden ending with hashtag “#rhschelsea”. So in a way, the garden’s behavior is controlled by the Twitter audience indirectly. Separating the two halves of this geeky garden is a tessellated wall having around 20 motor-actuated panels controlled by Raspberry Pi computer.

One half of this garden has British planting which is the outer-space and the other half is in fact the inner-space with some of the most exotic and unusual planting known to us in the world. Combine all these architectural design cues with the beautiful plantation and of course the Raspberry Pi controlled servo motors that put forth an amazing spectacle of nature; the Digital Capabilities garden truly gives us an idea about how technology can be used for such a creative idea implementation. Frankly speaking we would have loved to see the digital garden in person and you can also get more insight on Digital Capabilities garden by watching the video below.

Via: TimesHigherEducation



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