Is Sixense Hydra 2 wireless motion tracking controller on the cards?

Sixense Entertainment wireless motion tracking controller and software development kit

There is a good news for Razer Hydra gaming controller enthusiasts as Sixense Entertainment (developer of PlayStation Move controller for Portal 2) is working on developing wireless motion tracking controller and software development kit (SDK). With support for Oculus Rift and the content created for Sixense-developed Razer Hydra motion controller, this new announcement will surely bring a smile to developer’s face and not to mention the gamers. This wireless tracking development kit can be deemed as the next Hydra 2 and it provides an amazing 6 degree of freedom tracking that is capable of determining the correct position of controller and the orientation.

This extends the gameplay and allows the gamer to immerse himself in the intense action as the system is capable or tracking the hands in virtual reality environment. This unit will support simultaneous tracking of three devices; a positional tracker that can be attached to your clothes and the regular two controllers. This extends the gameplay capability to multiplayer virtual reality with just one Hydra kit that in all probability will be Hydra 2.

From what we can see, there is one additional button on each of the controller’s but it is not clear for what kind of in-game input. According to Sixense they will release the dev kit and look for developers’ feedback on how the wireless tracking system should be made for consumer version. There are no revelations on the price or availability of the wireless Hydra dev kit but we can expect to see the word out soon.



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