Drone that delivers laundered clothes to customers

Manayunk Cleaners deliver clothes via drone

The drones that we have seen so far have either been used for military surveillance missions, aerial photography, secretive spy missions or for some household fun by geeks who have made their own versions of drones. But to see a drone carrying around dry cleaned clothes is a bit strange and hard to swallow. Philly’s Manayunk Cleaners in Philadelphia are using drones as their delivery method to customers in the block which is strange and interesting at the same time.

Manayunk Cleaners deliver clothes via drone

The laundered garments are delivered to the customers doorstep by this unmanned drone that has unintendedly been put into this easy go job as compared to those risky missions in terrorist dominated areas.

Manayunk Cleaners deliver clothes via drone

Harry Vartanian the owner of this upbeat dry-cleaning service got hold of remote controlled military-style DJI Phantom quadcopter and found the solution to lighting delivery to his customers in the city. Currently the quadcopter can only carry a few light items of laundered payload weighing 2 pounds but Harry plans to incorporate subtle changes to the unmanned drone so that it can carry 10 pounds of clean clothes around the city.

Manayunk Cleaners deliver clothes via drone

Once the drone is airborne the clothes are securely attached to it and send to the customer in the nearby location. Harry for now  plans to select one customer in a month to send the clothes via this drone and in the near future hopes to deploy a fleet of drones to do the job 24×7.

According to him, this new method of delivering clothes won’t be revolutionizing the dry cleaning industry anytime soon but surely will attract a lot of people to take in the benefits of this flying quadcopter at their doorsteps. But don’t expect any warm smiles from this unmanned rotor as it delivers your clothes on time.

Via: NewsWorks/NBCPhiladelphia



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