Cyberith Virtualizer lets you control gaming characters with body movement

Cyberith Virtualizer locomotion device

With addition of virtual reality gaming has become ever more realistic off late. After the success of WizDish, make way for the Virtualizer, a virtual reality gaming locomotion device with built-in sensors which makes motion detection possible. A video demonstrating the new device dubbed Cyberith Virtualizer offers a unique dimension to gaming routines, it shows how the device can be used to control the movement in your favorite game by moving, running, crouching, jumping etc. in the real world environment.

Cyberith Virtualizer, a new step in virtual reality gaming, enables walking in all directions (without restrictions) in addition to other moves with use of a game controller and a video output device. So, instead of controlling the in game character with keyboard and/or mouse, a gamer can control the character with the natural movement of your body, which helps Virtualizer let you experience the game in a more realistic way. There is no word on price or other details of Cyberith Virtualizer for now, so hit the jump and enjoy the video of the device below.

Via: Cyberith/RoadtoVR



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