Kayak Power Meter attaches to your kayak paddle for accurate performance reading

Kayak Power Meter

The sports of kayaking is going to get even more interesting as you can now measure the vital statistics of your kayak paddling regime with the most accurate detail. One Giant Leap, a New Zealand based company is out with their Kayak Power Meter which is a carbon fiber paddle that hooks onto your blades. Once the Kayak Power Meter is on the blades it gives you the most precise data on the power output, the balance of paddling on both right and left hand side, the stroke rate that is displayed on ANT+ display on the front end of the boat and other vital information that will hugely improve your performance while on the kayak.

The gadget has bumps in the side shafts that have multiple gauges and channels on each of the paddles, so that accurate measurements of the strokes on left and right hand side can be taken. All this is done using the gyroscope, accelerometer and inertial sensors that make sure that you kayaking regime is perfect and you exert less energy to get more power into your paddling and navigating on the water. Moreover it displays the readings on a compatible sports watch, smartphone or tablet.

This meter also displays your heart rate and the boat speed in real time while to get the detailed data and analysis of your performance the integrated softwares like Garmin Connect and TrainingPeaks do the job. So all you kayakers get ready to measure all the performance related statistics and improve your kayaking skills with the help of Kayak Power Meter which will be available for purchase in September 2013 for $800.

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