Customizable Accord 3D printed earphones

Customizable Accord 3D printed earphones by Julian Goulding

How many times has it happened that you buy a pair of earphones and when finally put them inside your ears they don’t fit! This owes to the design of human ears which isn’t same for everyone and the earphones have a standard design that is presumed to fit everyone. If you are one of those people who like their music perfectly playing in the ears with no need to tickle around the earphones to fit inside the ears again and again then Julian Goulding has the apt solution for you. 3D printed Earphones that can be customized according to your needs and are created once you provide the mold of your ear canal or by an audiologist. Called as Accord, these 3D printed earphones can be made from any of the materials that you specify from the given options.

Julian Goulding has created a paid Android app of 5 NZD (New Zealand Dollars) which lets you visualize the material, color, estimated cost and the order progress. Accord 3D printed earphones are scheduled for production in the early half of 2014 and for more information you can check out the pictures that follow. Just to add, 3D printing is coming out in a big way as designers and innovative thinkers are coming up with such niche ideas to revolutionize manufacturing techniques.

Customizable Accord 3D printed earphones by Julian Goulding

Customizable Accord 3D printed earphones by Julian Goulding

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