Tick-killing robot that will definitely save some lives

Tick rover

Ticks are responsible for transmitting numerous fetal diseases, hundreds of deaths are reported around the globe due to diseases cause by tick bites. Now, in order to protect us against ticks, team of researchers at the Virginia Military Institute have designed a robot that kills the blood suckers. According to the developers, the Tick Rover as they call it, has been tested successful as a lethal weapon in the war against blood sucking ticks.

Ticks are said to be really attracted by carbon dioxide and blessed with a sense to fell vibrations some 50 feet away. The Tick Rover which mimics the concept of emitting carbon dioxide and creating vibrations to attract the ticks, was tested in an area which was reportedly swarming with ticks.

To play out a life like situation, a tube exhaling carbon dioxide is laid in the yard, the ticks are attracted to one side of the tube. Then the robot with attached to a cloth treated with pesticides is left towards the tube. The blood suckers sense the vibration and in search of blood climb onto the pesticide treated cloth and die a few minutes later. The best part about the robot is that it kill the harmful tick, but the pesticide in no way harms the environment.

The Tick Rover is an autonomous robot and is great treatment for areas prone to tick. If further tests prove successful, the engineers behind the concept plan on commercializing the tick rover for pest-control businesses.


Via: ABCNews



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