Man builds Batmobile, Mystery Machine and more, simply for fun

Batmobile by Jerry Patrick

We’ve come across a few creative lads willing to spend time to treat their fancy for sci-fi by building inspired vehicles for fun. Adding to the list with his own level of creative car building is Jerry Patrick from Newnan, Georgia. Patrick has a knack for building famous replica cars from movies and television and his collection for now includes a Batmobile and other iconic cars including The Mystery Machine, KITT from Knightrider and Herbie the Love Bug.

While all the fantasy cars he’s build have their own prowess and abilities, the Batmobile was the most appealing to us, and we thought of detailing it out for you. Patrick’s Batmobile is a result of three long years of hard work and his diligence can be made out from the fact that the Batmobile (like the real one we’ve seen Batman ride) spits fire and smoke from its tail. Everything including the machine guns (built-in the Batmobile) is custom built and the creation is simply built for fun.

Jerry Patrick does customize vehicles for clients, but according to him, he builds these awesome cars simply for fun. Patrick of late is busy building a few new creative cars which includet he Elaanor from Gone in 60 seconds and the Bumblebee for everyone’s favorite Transformers, we hope he gets it to transform, because if he does, that’ll surely make for our new favorite. Scroll down for a video and a few more images of the custom made Batmobile and The Mystery Machine.

Batmobile by Jerry Patrick from back

Batmobile by Jerry Patrick top view

Batmobile by Jerry Patrick cockpit

The Mystery Machine by Jerry Patrick 

The Mystery Machine by Jerry Patrick back

KITT from Knightrider by Jerry Patrick back

Via: WSBTV/DesignTaxi



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