Enhance your iPad’s audio experience with 3D printed Sonic-Ear

3D printed Sonic-Ear iPad sound amplifier_1

We aren’t new to passive sound amplifiers for the iPhone and iPad, we’ve seen a plenty in our time. But 3D printed Sonic-Ear is definitely a fresh introduction to enhance the listening experience of the iPad. Compatible with iPad and iPad mini, the Sonic-Ear attaches to the iPad and makes the sound appreciably louder. The iPad and iPad mini have speakers on the rear, therefore the sound quality isn’t the best towards the front. The Sonic-Ear attaches to the iPad sans chords and redirects the sound towards the front making the iPad sound louder to the user. Hit the jump to see the video to make sense of what I mean.

So whether you’re using the iPad to watch a movie or listen to music, the highly portable Sonic-Ear will make it sound louder every time. The Sonic-Ear is made with 3D printing technology from plastic substitute derived from plants, which gives it a thin, light weight, strong form factor. The sound amplifying device slips onto the iPad effortlessly, so it can be carried everywhere the iPad goes without any hassle. The best part is that the Sonic-Ear is compatible with smart cover so it can be left on the iPad all the time, you can even charge the iPad/mini without removing the device.


3D printed Sonic-Ear iPad sound amplifier_2

3D printed Sonic-Ear iPad sound amplifier_3

Via: Sonic-Ear



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