Student reinvents police motorbike helmet with built-in heads-up display

Forcite police helmet

We know creativity isn’t bound by age in anyway, it’s well exemplified again by 23-year-old Alfred Boyadgis – industrial design student at the University of New South Wales, Australia, who has reinvented a police motorbike helmet with state-of-the-art technologies to displays a host of information on the visor. This real-life RoboCop style helmet is surely something that geeks of the new age revolution will definitely appreciate. Dubbed the Forcite, the helmet features a heads-up display to show all vital information in front of the wearer’s eyes.

Designed especially for motorcycle officers, the Forcite in addition to displaying information on the visor, also displays voice-guided GPS info and links of automatic number-plate recognition system (used by police to check vehicle registration details for infringement). To minimize the effort and time wasted in communicating with wireless caller, Alfred has built-in an automatic radio frequency tuner to allow officers to communicate with effortlessly with the police control room, hospital or fire brigade in case of emergency.

Forcite police helmet

Forcite is basically made with an idea to improve response time in case of emergencies so that more lives can be saved, thus besides audio communication, the helmet also has a build-in camera, which permits the wearer to record the incident and send live footage to the local police station. The helmet also features a semi-modular visor system to enhance the officer’s vision by more than 65 percent.

The helmet is already attracting many police officials including Chief of Police in Coral Gables in Florida, USA, who has shown interest in tying out the helmet to see its potential in real life scenario. The Forcite is presently on display at the Red Dot Design Museum, as part of the Red Dot Design award, in Singapore. The helmet has been shortlisted in the top 30 entries at the awards, winner of which will be announced in October.

Forcite police helmet

Forcite police helmet

Forcite police helmet by Alfred Boyadgis

Via: SMH



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