Highly compact rugged iBrick computer from SmallPC

iBrick rugged computer
In the age of smartphones and tablets, if you are still stuck to your good old PC and don’t want to trade the idea for anything else, then iBrick computer by Small PC in Clearwater, Florida, is perhaps a good bet for you. High performance iBrick SC215ML is an all-weather, rugged brick-sized computer measuring as small as 8-inch x 5-inch x 3-inch that weighs under 3lbs. Stuffed inside a solid aluminum chassis of the iBrick is 3rd Generation Intel i3 core processor and HD 4000 Graphics processor with QS77 chipset.

The iBrick computer features an ultra-silent passive cooling system (that functions without any movable parts) suitable for all environment and all kinds of extreme temperatures. Fitted with SmallPC’s patented unique heat pipe, the computer has waterproof connectors and cables to deliver dirt, dust and water proof performance. Available with 16GB internal memory and 512GB Solid State Drive, the iBrick features 3 USB ports, RJ45 Ethernet port, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The computer also supports HDMI or Thunderbolt ports for dual video input. Compatible with Linux and Windows OS, the iBrick has intelligent shut down and vehicle ignition support and it starts at $1495.

Via: SmallPC



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